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TCCE  Executive Director

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Executive Director, 

Sr. Advisor 

TCCE Board of Directors: Team Members
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TCCE Executive Director

Sr. Advisor, Texas Association of Business

Drew is the staff leader for the Texas Chamber of Commerce Executives and serves as Sr. Advisor and Reshore Supply Chain Project Manager for the Texas Association of Business. Drew has more than two decades of experience at senior levels in the economic development space, including co-founding the National Security Innovation Council, a 501(c)(6) designed to ensure Texas is the partner of choice to accelerate national security decision making and 15 years as the SVP at the Austin Chamber of Commerce leading efforts to increase transcontinental air service; pass $750M in road mobility bonds; pass multiple community college and school district facility bonds; state legislation to lower property taxes and improve Texas’ economic, human and physical capital competitiveness; conceive and execute initiatives to attract key projects like Army Futures Command, connect veterans to employment and increase regional college attainment rates.


Prior to the Austin Chamber, Drew ran the National Center for State Scholars, an initiative of President George W. Bush, which worked with 12 state Chambers of Commerce, Governors and higher education leaders to ensure state policies supported widespread completion of a well-rounded academic course of study.

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