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Cleburne Chamber of Commerce-CVB President/CEO

1511 W Henderson St, Cleburne, TX 76033, USA

Job Type


About the Role

The Cleburne Chamber of Commerce (“Chamber”), a 501(c)6 membership organization,
has been a champion for promoting business and the community for over 104 years. The
Chamber oversees the Cleburne Convention & Visitors Bureau, a tourism department
including the Visitor’s Center within the Chamber building. The Chamber partners with
the City of Cleburne to manage the Cleburne Conference Center. The Chamber also
oversees the Cleburne Chamber of Commerce Foundation, a 501(c)3 charitable
The President/CEO is responsible to the Board of Directors for the full range of
activities including, but not limited to, coordination of the program of work,
organizational structure and procedures, motivation of volunteers, budget and
financial management, maintenance of membership, employment training,
supervision of staff & departments, interpretation of policy, and long-range
1. Reports to: Board of Directors
2. Directs: Tourism Marketing Director and Operations Manager of Cleburne
Conference Center
3. Supervises: All Chamber Staff
4. Other: Interacts directly with City, School, and County Officials,
Members, Tourism Partners, Visitors, and the public in general, as needed
1. Program of Work – The President/CEO is responsible for the
identification of Chamber and community needs and for the preparation of
a program of work designed to meet those needs. This involves an
ongoing evaluation and delivery of Chamber departments, programs,
services, and events, with an equal focus on quality and value to members,
investors, visitors, and the community at large, along with sound fiscal
benefit to the overall organization.
2. Chamber Structure and Procedures – The President/CEO will pay
constant attention to the internal structure of the Chamber to ensure that
the organization is effectively geared to function with maximum
efficiency in the anticipation, identification, and solution of
Chamber/community issues. The President/CEO will recommend to the
Board such changes in structure and procedures as needed.
3. Motivation of Volunteers – The key to a strong Chamber is the ability of
the President/CEO to recruit and motivate volunteers to maximum
effectiveness. Work in concert with Board members on volunteer leader
identification and training.
4. Financial Management – With the assistance of the Budget Committee,
the President/CEO is responsible for developing the Chamber budget and
relating the budget to program goals. As approved by the Board, the
President/CEO is responsible for all expenditures within the framework of
the budget and bylaws. The President/CEO will oversee monthly financial
statements for each Chamber department, facilitate the audit process when
required by the Board, and will seek maximum staff efficiency in all
financial procedures.
5. Membership and Investment – The President/CEO is responsible for
overseeing activities related to ensuring member satisfaction and retention
and that dues and non-dues revenue streams enhance and support the
Chamber’s work and further define the relevance and value of the
organization. Assure outstanding and ongoing communication with
members and investors through in-person visits and through publications,
emails, social media, and in concert with local media.
6. Staff Leadership – The President/CEO is responsible for the employment
of all staff, the assignment of their duties, supervision of their work, and
the establishment within the framework of the approved budget of the
terms of their employment. As indicated by the program of work, he/she
creates such departments as needed and ensures staff members are
prepared to successfully implement programs and services. The
President/CEO will develop and conduct continuous on-the-job training
programs and will ensure participation in professional conferences,
seminars, and institutes as needed to develop and maintain operations at
peak efficiency.
7. Interpretation of Policy – The President/CEO will ensure that Chamber
policy, as established by the Board, is properly recorded as needed.
He/she will assist the Board, committees, members, and staff in the
interpretation of policy in relation to any given question or program.
He/she will assist the Chairman of the Board in the preparation of
statements about the Chamber’s position on public issues.
8. Headquarters – As approved by the Board of Directors, the
President/CEO is responsible for the location, design, and maintenance of
headquarters that will provide for an efficient operation and present an
attractive “front door” for the use of Chamber members, visitors, and the
9. Long-Range Planning – Under the direction of a constantly evolving
Board of Directors and an annually changing roster of officers, the
President/CEO is responsible for maintaining continuity and consistency
in programming. Based on proper research of community needs, the
President must anticipate emerging and long-range problems and
recommend Chamber and community programs to meet such problems.
10. Liaison –
a. With the Board of Directors - The President/CEO is responsible for
preparing an agenda, working with the Secretary of the Board on
minutes and records, carrying out plans and programs of the Board in
accordance with established policies, serving as a representative of the
Board for all contacts with Chamber staff, initiating programs for
consideration by the Board, and advising the Board on all matters
under consideration.
b. With Chamber Members - The President/CEO must analyze and
interpret the needs of members and recommend revisions in the
program of work to improve service and assistance to make
membership more valuable. The President/CEO will entertain
suggestions, proposals, and requests from the members and translate
them into action consistent with the fundamental objectives, policies,
and mission of the Chamber.
c. With the Staff - The President/CEO must lead the professional staff.
Since he/she is responsible for the employment and training of all staff
members, the President/CEO evaluates and oversees each employee to
ensure the efficient performance of duty. As required by the program
of work, the President/CEO establishes appropriate departments,
defines the general purpose of such departments, and assigns duties
accordingly. He/she must foster a daily working environment that
values teamwork and assures the highest level of customer service.
d. With the Community - The President/CEO is responsible for ongoing
interaction, collaboration, and liaison with a wide constituency
including; The Board of Directors, members and investors,
government officials, community leaders and stakeholders, regional
partners, education representatives, and members of the media.
11. Oversee the following accounting duties -
a. Monthly & annual financial reports for all Chamber accounts.
b. Payroll records and related tax reports.
c. Bank deposits for all Chamber accounts.
d. Facilitates audits as required by the Board.
12. Economic Development – Partner with City officials, the City Manager,
and the Cleburne Economic Development Foundation Executive Director
to assist with recruitment and retention of existing industry, workforce
development, and small business growth and stability strategies.
13. Additional Duties - The President/CEO may be assigned additional duties
by the Board of Directors.
The President will maintain a high level of confidentiality and deal properly with
sensitive documents and information, exercise diplomacy under stressful
situations and establish and maintain effective working relationships. This person
will be required to attend morning, evening, and weekend events.


Interested candidates are required to submit:
• Cover letter expressing interest for the President/CEO position
• Resume
• Expected Salary Range
Email materials to:
The deadline to apply is March 1, 2023.
**Please, no phone calls. Only email applications accepted.

Job Specifications

The Cleburne Chamber of Commerce has established a policy of a 100% drugfree workplace. Applicants may be required to undergo drug testing prior to
employment and may be subject to further drug testing throughout their period of
employment. The Cleburne Chamber of Commerce does not discriminate in
hiring on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, age, religion, or disability.
Physical demands of the job include but are not limited to; lifting up to 25 lbs.,
sitting at a computer for long periods of time, driving, walking long distances,
lifting boxes overhead, climbing stairs, and stooping to pick up objects.
Must maintain a valid Texas motor vehicle driver’s license and a satisfactory
driving record.
• Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university preferred or
equivalent work experience with a minimum of 5 years in executive
• 3-5 years experience and/or certifications in business, non-profit management,
tourism marketing, or economic development.
• Demonstrated Chamber of Commerce and Convention and Visitor Bureau
experience and knowledge preferred.
• Strong supervisory and management skills.
• Must possess a strong ability for attention to detail.
• Good public speaker with the ability to communicate effectively, both orally
and in writing.
• Must be flexible with workdays and schedules.
• Must always exhibit a high degree of integrity and professionalism.
• Required to be a resident of Johnson County (preferably Cleburne) or willing
to move to Johnson County (preferably Cleburne) within a reasonable time
period after being hired.
The compensation package will include a competitive salary based on the
candidates level of professional experience and fringe benefits offered to all fulltime employees.

If you're interested for this position, please direct inquiries or resumes to 

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