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President & CEO

Portland, TX, USA

Job Type

Full Time

About the Role

Purpose: Responsible to the board of directors for the full range of activities regarding:
coordination for the program of work; organizational structure and procedures; motivation of
volunteers; income and expenditures; maintenance of membership; employment, training and
direction of staff, interpretation of policy; maintenance of facility; long-range planning.


Principle Accountabilities

Program of Work – Responsible, through proper committees, for the identification of Chamber and community needs and for the preparation of a program of work designed to meet these needs. This involves a constant evaluation of the program, through the proper committees, with recommendations for change, and a system of measuring progress toward attainment of program and community needs.

Chamber Structure and Procedure – Responsible for the internal structure of the Chamber to insure the organization is effectively geared to function with maximum efficiency. In the anticipation, identification and solution of Chamber problems, executive director shall recommend to the board such changes in structure and procedures as needed.

Motivation of volunteers – Responsible for the motivation and inspiration of volunteers.

Income and Expense – Responsible for providing proper documents and information to formulate the Chamber budget. Insures that financial records of the Chamber are audited as instructed by the board.

Membership – Responsible for working with the membership committee in designing a program that will maintain the membership at a level which will insure the necessary income for the operation of the program. This includes membership sales and membership retention.

Staff – Responsible for employment of all staff personnel, assignment of their duties, supervision of the work and establishment of terms of their employment within framework of the approved budget. Creates departments as needed to implement the program of work.

Develop on-the-job training programs and encourages participation in professional conferences, seminars and institutes necessary to develop and maintain operations at peak efficiency. Evaluate employee performance at least once annually.

Implementation of Policy – Responsible for attaching policy changes to the Chamber’s Policy Manual. Assists the board, committees, members and the staff in the implementation of policy. The Board will assist the Executive Director in preparation of statements concerning the Chamber’s position on public issues.

Facility – Responsible for the location, design and maintenance of the Chamber facility with board approval. Provide an efficient operation and present an attractive “front door” for the use of Chamber members and visitors.

Facility Leasing – Responsible for leasing, maintaining and enforcement of lease contracts for the chamber suites.

Leadership Portland- Responsible for the oversight of the Leadership Program, committee and ensures facilitation and completion of the program.  Event Coordinator- Oversee all Committees to insure all aspects of the events performed in a timely manner. Human Relations

Board of Director Relations – Earns and maintains respect and confidence of the board, individually and collectively. Responsible for preparation of agenda, maintenance of the board minutes and records, carrying out the plans and programs of the board in accordance with established policies. Serves as representative of the board for all contact with the Chamber staff, initiates programs for consideration by the board, advises board on all matters under consideration.

Chamber Member Relations – Motivates members to support – personally and financially – an aggressive Chamber program. Analyzes and interprets the needs of members and recommends revisions in the program of work to render improved service and assistance that will make membership more valuable. Entertains suggestions, proposals, and requests from members and translates them into action consistent with fundamental objectives and policies of the Chamber.

Staff Relations – Creates working conditions which will be conducive to maximum performance and employee morale.

Community Relations – Represents the Chamber in meetings of local, state and national organizations and strives to create a better public understanding of the purpose and functions of the Chamber. Authority

Personnel – Responsible for the staff of the Chamber. Supplies/Equipment – Responsible for purchasing, storing and care of all Chamber supplies and equipment.

Money – Responsibility includes the income of the Chamber, including funds from other sources that are administered by the Chamber. Has check-signing capability as stated in the by-laws. Responsible for collecting and administering the income of the Chamber.

Job Specifications

Education and Experience
- College degree or equivalent
- Continuing education which includes Chamber Institute and other seminars
- Experience in a company or organization in a decision making capacity
- 3 Years work experience with accounting and financial reporting
- 5 Years work experience preferred

Human Relations Skills
- Shall sense urgency to accomplish tasks
- Shall possess high degree of personal and professional integrity
- Shall be committed, confident, assertive
- Shall possess above-average organizational skills
- Shall have the ability to motivate people
- Shall posses enthusiasm, desire and self-discipline

Knowledge and Skills Required
- Must possess ability to establish priorities
- Must possess supervisory and managerial experience
- Must have experience in budgeting and financial planning
- Must have above-average oral and writing skills and proven ability to communicate
- Must have visionary ability to plan effectively
- Must be a proven leader capable of providing direction
- Must understand government and the legislative process
- Must be able to handle pressure and meet deadlines

If you're interested for this position, please direct inquiries or resumes to 

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