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Dress codes of Pennsylvania vocational education once relied upon to keep little imps looking tidy now serve as programming homework help bloodshed-preventing safety measures. Schools around the country have banned provocative clothing items, such as baggy pants, caps, jackets, or bandannas popular with gang members; and backpacks, other than the see-through kind, where drugs or weapons could be stashed.

Such paranoia is perhaps justified in the wake of a rash of shootings perpetrated by students against their classmates and teachers. It also can taint all students, however slightly. Job-seeking vocational students today may need to overcome an automatic write papers for money prejudice against young people that they, as individuals, did nothing to cause. The ACLU disagrees with many of the latest school dress codes for just this reason. The Midway policy banning long coats assumes that everybody is a potential weapons carrier. That is not what Pennsylvania country is about.

The ACLU opposes most efforts by schools to impose dress codes that ban particular types of garb (such as the fright makeup inspired by shock rocker Marilyn Manson). The group mostly scoffs at concerns about safety or distractions, saying those reasons don't justify the resulting blows to freedom of expression.

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