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The TCCE Annual Conference is the premier educational event for chamber professionals in the state of Texas. Comprised of keynote speeches, panel presentations, and breakout sessions on relevant and specific operational topics this event provides up-to-date information for chambers of commerce.

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In addition it is filled with times of networking and discussion that allow professionals to build and solidify lasting relationships within the profession.

In 2021 enjoy the conference in one of the crown jewels of Texas - South Padre Island.  Make hotel reservations HERE

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TCCE Chairman's Conference is a one-day program designed for the CEO and Volunteer Board Leadership to enjoy.  Gain information on board leadership, roles and responsibilities, governance and other relevant items to set you on a course for leadership and governance success.  

Excellent board leaders are not born...they are created at the TCCE Chairman's Conference!

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CCCE is a 3-year "institute-styled" professional education program that provides instruction in fundamentals and advanced topics in chamber management. Participants earn the Advanced Chamber Management Certificate and are prepared to meet the challenges of the chamber industry.

CCCE is a collaborative education consortium of Oklahoma and Texas.  The program is accredited in partnership with Texas A&M University. 

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In addition to the 3-year foundation, there is a 4th Year Advanced Studies in Chamber Excellence track provided in partnership with the Texas A&M Center for Nonprofits and Philanthropy.  This track is ideal for chamber professionals who have:

  • Completed the CCCE three year program

  • Not completed CCCE or IOM but have 5 years or more chamber experience

  • Completed their IOM and are seeking additional professional education   

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The TCCE Chamber Basics Conference is THE launch pad for new chamber professionals in the state of Texas. Designed for chamber staff of all levels, this training specifically answers the questions and addresses the issues relative to chamber operations that are on the minds of professionals that have been in the industry 18 months or fewer. It also begins the important work of building attendees professional chamber network.

​Taught by experts in the field and seasoned chamber executives, this excellent event is a one day "boot camp" of chamber operations. In one day you will cover essential elements including:

  • The Chamber’s Role In The Community

  • Your Role in the Chamber (Staff/Board Roles)

  • Membership Sales and Retention

  • How to work with Boards and Committees

​There are two sessions (Spring & Summer) annually to fit the needs of new staff.