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2023 Spring Chamber Basics Wrap-up

We are pleased to announce that our annual event aimed at providing valuable advice and information to new Chamber hires from Chamber CEOs/Directors across the state was a great success. The event, led by TCCE Board Member Michael Gallops, CEO of the Rowlett Area Chamber of Commerce, was a one-day "boot camp" on chamber leadership, volunteer engagement and operations, taught by seasoned chamber executives and experts in the field.

We would like to extend our gratitude to Kelle Marsalis, RaDonna Hessel, Diane Probst, and Lisa Hermes for sharing their knowledge and discussing important topics, such as board/volunteer management, membership, and advocacy. If you missed this event and are a new Chamber hire, don't worry! We will be hosting another event, Chamber Basics in the Fall, where you can learn more about chamber operations. Stay tuned for more details.

We appreciate your dedication to the industry and hope you found the event informative and enjoyable.

For more information on future events, please contact Drew Scheberle, the Texas Chamber of Commerce Executive, at 512-477-6721 or email

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